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Parama Math 1

QWhat age does Parama Matte 1 address?

AThe app is primarily aimed at students in first grade, but can also be advantageous to children of earlier ages to give your child a head start in school.

QWhat can I do if I want to practice more a specific exercise?

AWe have implemented two different game modes in the app. One follows a predetermined path where our award-winning teacher has designed the progression. We have also implemented a practice mode where you can navigate freely through the exercises, or let the teachers design their own progression.

QHow can I find a specific exercise and which skill does it practice

AParama Matte is a comprehensive app. That is why we have added a table of contents that will guide you in where to find specific exercises, as well as the skills each exercise practices.

QI as a teacher want a different progression than the predetermined game track.

AWe have added a practice mode where you as a teacher or parent can select specific exercises that you your the children to practice on.

QHow do I turn off the background music?

AIn the settings you have separate options for music, sound effects and narrative. Additionally, you can choose whether your child should have access to training mode and problem solving.

QHow do I know what skills each exercise practice?

ABecause the app is so extensive, we have added a table of contents that guides you through the app and shows what skills are practiced. It can be found in settings. The table of contente is found under settings.

Elementa - The Math Quiz

QIt's too hard. How can I adjust the difficulty levels?
AIn the premium app, you can click on settings and click on the question categories. There you can set the maximum and minimum difficulty at which you want to play and adjust them to your preference.


QHow do I customize the difficulty level so that my child can play.

AClick on settings and click on the question categories and lower the level of difficulty to the level that suits your child.


QHow many levels of difficulty are there?

AIn Elementa there are 17 different levels of difficulty. They will be unlocked as you play.


QHow do I unlock new difficulty levels?

ABy solving tasks in each level at a certain speed you will unlock new levels.


QWhen do I get a new avatar?

AWhen you play Elementa you'll get experience points after each match. When you get enough experience points you'll get a new avatar. The free version gives you the option to unlock 5 different avatars and in the premium version you will get 10 different avatars.